The Magic MB - 2S is a double-head automatic machine that has been designed with the use of advanced technology in order to manufacture a wide selection of confectionery products. It offers a wire-cutting function and is equipped with two independent dosing heads.

It is perfect for the manufacture of:

·    Single-coloured cakes;
·    Decorated single-coloured cakes;
·    Filled single-coloured cakes;
·    Double-coloured cakes;
·    Wire-cut cakes;
·    Sponge cake bases.
The ability to manufacture cakes made with various kinds of dough:
·    Short pastry tarts;
·    Meringues;
·    Sponge cakes;
·    Choux cakes;
·    Soft gingerbread.
·    Two dosing heads;
·    Production of two different kinds of cakes at the same time;
·    Replaceable slats with tips for different kinds of dough;
·    Touch electronic control panel;
·    Smooth control of operating parameters;
·    Adjustable nozzle angle;
·    Head-roller rotation adjustment;
·    Adjustable rising table/ smooth movement;
·    Adjustable tray speed;
·    Wire-cutting speed control;
·    Hopper capacity: 50l;
·    High-quality stainless steel body;
·    High-quality stepper motors;
·    Mobile unit fitted with castors and brakes.

   The MAGIC MB-2S is a technologically advanced machine which can use either two or three heads, fitted with independent rotary-squeezing slats. It is equipped with a great number of nozzles for the creation of a wide variety of cake shapes. It has an independent wire-cutting feature, and electronic baking tray shift control. The Magic MB-2S runs on software made by Fanuc which enables absolutely unlimited configuration of all functions associated with the cake production process. The colourful display of the interface enhances the overall visual impression, and facilitates user-friendly programming (which is limited only by the operator’s imagination). Its ergonomic design and technical ensure vast production capabilities. The Magic MB-2S is a perfect example of our standard of high quality. Its productivity is 2 to 3 times more efficient than that of traditional “Multi-drop”-type machines. Its excellent versatility and functionality make it indispensable for all aspects and stages of the cake production/confectionery process.

Technical information about The Magic MB-2S:





Model Mass Installed power
MAGIC MB-2S 389 kg 3,26 KW


The Magic MB-2S is extremely versatile. It works with semi-liquid dough ( using the appropriate head and technical parameters ). The wide selection of nozzles and matrices for the squeezing heads enables the production of cakes in almost unlimited number and form. Upon the client’s request we can fit the machine with additional functions such as “wire-cutting”, which increases productivity and offers an expanded range of product options.
The Magic MB-2S can be operated by two workers. Its technical parameters guarantee the highest possible level of production quality.


The Magic MB-2S is produced by Enigma and has all required in EU certificates and a safety control panel as well as start-up protection against use by an unauthorized person. Its ergonomic construction allows the disassembly of components in a fast and easy way, which is crucial in order to keep the machine adequately clean, as is required of all production involving contact with food.


The Magic MB-2S has been designed  in accordance with a high standard of aesthetics, workmanship, health and workplace safety legislation. Digital control makes it very user-friendly and pleasant. Its considerable production capacity and low price make it extremely competitive in relation to all other producers in the European Union.


We use only proven and reliable materials made by leading Polish and foreign companies, and  we use the latest world-wide trends in design and ergonomics. We guarantee all our products from 15 to 24 months. Beyond the guarantee period we can continue to provide service.
The Magic MB-2S is one of the best cookie machines on the market.

Upon purchase of our machine, you are guaranteed, at no cost:

  • Start up-activation;
  • Setting of parameters;
  • Staff training;
  • A large supply of cake recipes;
  • Ongoing qualified technical support.

Delivery is free throughout the territory of Poland.